Saturday, May 1, 2010

Limiting Beliefs are lifes brakes

Our Limiting Beliefs are what stop us from reaching our full potential.

Can you imagine a life full of every experience, person and thing that you could ever desire? If you aren't living that life right at this moment, have you ever questioned why?

If we aren't living a life full of what it is we desire, we may be going through life with one foot on the break. What we perceive as impossible could very well be a lie.

This blog is dedicated to bring you the answers to questions such as

Why is my life so __________ (insert negative quote here)
Why cant I ______________ (insert things you believe you cant achieve here)

When we ask ourselves these question, we work with our brains natural rhythms. Our brains are hard wired to answering questions we pose to it. When you ask yourself “Why don't I have enough money?” you will find the answers to this question everywhere in your life and the environment you live in. It may be that your job doesn't pay you enough, it may be that you are always spending money frivolously or it could be that you have yet to define how much is enough.

My hope is that through this blog, you are able to find ways that you can move forward in your life, without the foot on the break mentality, and move into a more joyful and blessed life filled with passion.

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