Thursday, July 15, 2010

Limiting Beliefs – How are they formed?

Have you ever wondered where your perceptions on life come from? Why do certain situations make us uncomfortable and why do we like and dislike different things in ourselves?

If your anything like me, you may have a definite idea of who you are, what your good at and what your faults are. However, have you ever questioned these obvious traits that you identify with and wondered if they were true or not?

From the time we are born we are relative sponges, soaking up the world and people that surround us. We thrive on the feedback and learnings we receive between birth and around 6yrs old and this is when a child's mind is at its most vulnerable.

So where do our Beliefs come from exactly?

Our beliefs are based on repetitive exposure to situations, people and words from every source we come into contact with. In most cases our parents or care givers play the biggest role in how we perceive the world and ourselves.

Its important to note here that any beliefs that you may have, positive or negative, are a reflection of your primary care givers beliefs, just as your children's core belief systems will be based on your core belief system. I don't want to offend anyone with the above statement, its just a fact that what we perceive is based on what we have been shown.

A lot of the beliefs we grow up with are necessary to keep us safe, facts that ensure that we aren't putting ourselves into situations that may be physically harmful to us. These beliefs, such as fire burns or what goes up must come down become, are burnt into our subconscious to the point where we automatically know that this is the case.

Some of our beliefs, our limiting beliefs in particular, can also be protective, yet in their very existence they limit us.

If our parents were particular to indulging in the media a lot, watching the news, reading news papers, they may have been a little over protective in their actions. They may have repetitively told you that you need to be careful because there are bad people out there who want to hurt you. This of course is true, but it can also cause the child to grow up with trust issues and impact them to the point where they attach fear to every new person they meet.

We may have been told that if we work hard at school we will be able to get a good job. Yet if we weren't all that great at school no mater how hard we tried, we may start to think that we wont be able to get a good job and in the long run this could hinder our choice of occupation.

There are many examples of different situations in our lives that may stem from our Limiting Beliefs. Failure could be devastating for some and cause them to give up, yet others strive for success no mater how many times they fail.

The keys to how our Limiting Beliefs are formed are not only based on the influences and experiences in our lives, but also the emotions we have attached to them.

In many cases, our Limiting Beliefs may stem from our own ideas of what the actions of others meant yet there was never the intent of the other person. If your parents didn't let you out as often as you would like, you may see it as them not trusting you, yet the reason may have been that they didn't trust the outside world and were attempting to keep you safe.

If you were told that you did things wrong all the time, it may have made you feel like a failure, yet, it may just have been that you didn't do it the way they would have liked, but you now have a constant Limiting Belief that no matter what you do it always seems to be wrong or we may avoid certain situations all together in an attempt to not feel like a failure.

In conclusion, Limiting Beliefs are an accumulation of repetition, emotional attachment and subconscious behaviours that manifest into self sabotaging behaviours.

*Learn more about how Limiting Beliefs are formed here.

Limiting Beliefs – What are they?

Everyone wants to succeed in life, don't they? So why is it that only a few actually live up to their own expectations of how they want to live their lives.

What are one of the common factors that prevent us from becoming one of those few?

The answer? Our Limiting Beliefs.

Our Limiting Beliefs are what keep us trapped in our safe little bubbles and they are also the main reasons we are not living the kind of life we desire.

Our brains aren't capable of taking in every piece of information we see throughout the day. Our Core Belief Systems are our brains way of filtering out what we don't feel is relevant to us and it helps us to notice the things that are.

Limiting Beliefs are not always logical, yet deep in our subconscious, we have attached certain fear based emotions to situations that make us feel uncomfortable in some way, and these feelings are what cause us to commit self sabotage.

There are certain triggers in our lives that cause us to repeat certain patterns. Most of the time we are completely unaware of these patterns or the root cause of them, and this in itself can cause us to completely side step our success.

Have you ever done a personal development course, or a success course that seemed to work in the beginning, but after a few weeks, or a few months, you found that it was no longer effective?

This is pretty common really. We all go through changes at some time in our lives that feel great in the beginning, but don't seem to last. We may become frustrated and confused as to how it could work before but have no idea why its not working now. We back track to try and figure out where we went wrong and sometimes, we may even give up thinking that the information we received was faulty.

Some people can spend thousands of dollars in their quest for Personal Development and Inner Growth yet they can't seem to find anything that lasts for them long term.

Nine times out of ten the reason behind this perceived failure and constant search is purely because we have negative patterns that cause us to sabotage our own success efforts. It means that we have a deep set Limiting Belief or Beliefs somewhere in our subconscious that are keeping us from being, doing and having what we want in life.

Once we become aware of our self sabotaging behaviour and the Limiting Beliefs that they are generated from, we can start making shifts in our conciousness to ensure that we can start to see some major consistent success in our lives.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Limiting Beliefs are lifes brakes

Our Limiting Beliefs are what stop us from reaching our full potential.

Can you imagine a life full of every experience, person and thing that you could ever desire? If you aren't living that life right at this moment, have you ever questioned why?

If we aren't living a life full of what it is we desire, we may be going through life with one foot on the break. What we perceive as impossible could very well be a lie.

This blog is dedicated to bring you the answers to questions such as

Why is my life so __________ (insert negative quote here)
Why cant I ______________ (insert things you believe you cant achieve here)

When we ask ourselves these question, we work with our brains natural rhythms. Our brains are hard wired to answering questions we pose to it. When you ask yourself “Why don't I have enough money?” you will find the answers to this question everywhere in your life and the environment you live in. It may be that your job doesn't pay you enough, it may be that you are always spending money frivolously or it could be that you have yet to define how much is enough.

My hope is that through this blog, you are able to find ways that you can move forward in your life, without the foot on the break mentality, and move into a more joyful and blessed life filled with passion.