Belief Busters Kit - Course Review

The way behave is a direct link to the beliefs and values we hold. Our results in life are a direct result of our core beliefs so it seems reasonable to assume that if we are not getting the results we want in life, maybe we don't have the beliefs and values we need to achieve them.

There are many courses that you can take, people you can speak to and products you can buy that will help you re-align yourself with the beliefs and values that will give you the results you desire.

I want to introduce you to one such product, which I have used myself and have had some enormous growth from in my personal and professional life.

The Belief Buster Kit is full of exercises and techniques that will help you understand what limiting beliefs are and how they are formed, as well as go into ways you can identify and rewrite limiting beliefs you currently harbour.

How your beliefs have accompanying signature emotions that surround and compound them and a technique to release them
The 3 main categories of beliefs and how knowing this will broaden the discovery of limiting beliefs in any area of your life
What 'future causation' is and how you can use it to transform your present reality in an instant
How to use the power of emotion to most effectively install your new beliefs
How and why seeing life through ‘innocent eyes' will help you birth your new matrix!
Why your first 5 years are critical to the formulation of your beliefs for several reasons
The 'core 4' most damaging self-beliefs and the symptoms with which to identify them
 How fear, control, and jealousy can actually help you identify limiting beliefs
The power of questions and an inquiry process to illuminate hidden thoughts and beliefs around your goals
What an 'evidence journal' is, and how keeping one will support your new beliefs and instantly collapse your old ones!
And much more!

What's in the Belief Busters Kit?

You get a very comprehensive Work Book which covers the following areas:

Part 1 - Explains what beliefs are, how our core beliefs are formed and helps you understand why the foundations need to be built before you truly start living the life you desire.

Part 2 - 11 exercises to help you identify limiting beliefs

Part 3 - How you can utilise your blockages to identify patterns and limiting beliefs and turn bad relationships into more positive ones.

Part 4 - Testing Identified Beliefs. Ways that you can use to ascertain whether the limiting beliefs you've identified are correct and appropriate for the current changes you are wanting to make in your life.

Part 5 - Create and incorporate new positive and empowering beliefs that are in line with your desires.

Part 6 - 9 different ways to strengthen those new beliefs which can be used in your every day life and a Daily Belief Program.

Part 7 - Raising your conciousness to create a shift in your life.

Part 8 - You and your higher self. Why getting in touch with your inner energy or higher self to help raise your vibration levels. This is the perfect module for those who utilise the Law of Attraction in their lives.

Belief Busters Meditation
The Belief Buster Kit comes with a 20 minute guided meditation that takes you through a visualisation exercise opening up your subconscious mind to help you clear and replace your limiting beliefs on a deeper level.

The meditation also incorporates a release technique enabling you to etch your new beliefs into your subconscious and move beyond just pure theory.

 When you sign up for the Belief Busters course, you will recieve 9 bonus gifts some of which ive listed below

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